Before Holding A Camera, You Should Know Photography And Their Types

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Before Holding A Camera, You Should Know Photography And Their Types

Making a Click sound by holding a camera doesn’t make you a successful photographer. It’s beyond this. Professional photographers come with a great knowledge about Camera, Pose, Location and all other factors which come in between the photography sessions. Whenever you get clicked, it’s not always the same situation. Sometimes, you took photography in your home & sometimes in wedding parties, outdoor locations, etc. By keeping these things in minds, Srivastava studio categorized photography in different means.

1.    Nature Photography- Whenever you see those blooming flowers and the multicolored rainbow, you would like to capture those gifts of nature into your camera and here come the natural photography. Yeah, if you are going on a photo shoot to capture all those natural stuff, it’s supposed to be natural photography. According to Photographers in Lucknow, It’s one of the best categories as we have all those beautiful presences of nature in our small camera and you will feel yourself praised whenever you go through those pictures.

2.    Event Photography- When you are going to any special occasion, the photography you took supposed to be event photography. Formal & functions, parties, etc. are the sub-categories of it. The craze of Event photography is becoming popular day by day as people don’t want themselves to take photos of their own ceremony so we always look forward to an event photographer.

3.    Wedding Photography- Wedding photographers in Lucknow tells us about the people who are getting engaged & need that moment stay with them forever. Wedding photography is all about bringing those delightful moments together in a single album. From getting knotted to step into a new home, it captures that glorious journey. The wedding has so many rituals & functions into it which is also covered in this category.

4.    Fashion Photography- Models and celebrities come under this category. As a fashion photographer, you have to walk into the world of fashion. There is an arrival of new trends on daily basis and you should be capable of showing those items to your viewers.

5.    Candid Photography- Your photo tells you deeply about the moment which is in motion. Being the Best Candid photographers in Lucknow, Srivastava Studio tells you about the candid photography which stresses on taking the random pictures of people who are in motion and they are unaware of getting clicked. We can say it is a natural photography with realistic emotions.


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